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Efficiency Sector

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In the advanced tertiary sector and public administration (hospitals, mall/shopping centers and large offices), the energy cost is often underestimated because it does not represent a significant percentage of turnover and we tend to regard it as an incompressible cost.

From the experience of PNEC emerges that there are various possibilities of attacking energy costs, dividing energy costs by cost center and by energy carrier, highlighting unnecessary, costs in terms of billing and consumption and therefore reduce the final costs coming through continuous monitoring of energy indices.

The technicians at PNEC, Energy Management experts, are able to support the customer at all stages of the energy path.


Energy analysis is the first step in the energy efficiency route and allows a thorough check-up of the current energy performance, to identify major opportunities for intervention and to obtain an overall control over consumption and energy supply.

This area consists of four main activities:

  • Energy Emission Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Analysis and Control of Energy Supply
  • Energy Management.